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Enlibio Biotech Co.,Ltd,Wuhan,China 2008-2023
R&D 15th year
We Offer:
High quality peptides made by experts & delivered to you with all documents:

HPLC chromatogram
Mass spec analysis
Synthesis report

Range of Services:
Our staffs are experienced in the synthesis of high quality peptides with various modifications. we can provide peptides from small scale (mgs) to large scale (kgs) in very fast delivery:
Simple to complex and Linear to cyclized
Long sequences peptide up to 140 mer
From small to large scale
Different purity level (desalted, >75%, >85%, >90%, >95%, >98% and even above 99%)
Widest variety of modifications (from biotinylation to phosphorylation, to dye labeling, and much more…)
Peptides - Protein Bioconjugation
Purification at different scales
Highest success rate in the industry

Please complete the quotation form if you're interested in the services. We will quote promptly after reviewing the structure of the peptide within 24 hours.
We provide competitive price for our customer. If you are interested in our services, please review the price list or contact us directly. 
For research purposes we offer peptides in quantities ranging from 10mg to 10g. GL Biochem also has the capacity to scale your peptide up to kilogram quantities. 
Delivery Time
Approximately 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2 weeks for purified peptides.  
Analytical data
Peptides are standard delivered with analytical HPLC chromatogram, MS data and synthesis report.  
We maintain absolute confidentiality. If necessary, we will sign a confidential agreement before receiving your peptide structure.

Peptide service
List of Modification



Special Amino acid



Cyclic Peptide


Fluorescent   Peptide

Multiple Antigenic

Peptide System



Acetylation (N-Terminal),
HYNIC (N-Terminal),
DTPA (N-Terminal),
Formylation (N-Terminal)
Fatty acid (N-Terminal)
Myristic acid (N-Terminal)
Palmytolyl (N-Terminal)
Benzyloxycarbonylation   (CBZ)
Amidation (C-Terminal)
Succinylation (Suc, N-Terminal)
D-Arg, D-Cys, D-Asp, D-Asn, D-Glu, D-Gln, D-Ser, D-His, D-Thr, D-Trp, D-Leu,D-Ile, D-Met, D-Pro, D-Val ,D-Phe, pGlu, Hyp, D-Lys,D-Tyr, D-Orn, Orn, Abu, Aib, (D)1-Nal, (D)2-Pal, (D)4-Cl-Phe, Nva, Nle, Hse, Hcy, Pen, Mpa,N-Methyl amino acid (Ala, Phe, Leu, Ile, Val, Gly, Met),Other amino acid, Dinitrobenzoylation (Lys), Lys(Me2), Phosphorylation (Tyr, Ser, Thr, single site), Tyr(SO3H2), Ser(octanoic acid)Biotin (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx),
Biotin (Lys in sequence)
Biotin (without Lys in sequence)
FITC/5-FAM (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx)
Dansyl (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx)
MCA (N-Terminal)
p-Nitroanilide(pNA, C-Terminal)
AMC (C-Terminal)
Disulfide bridge 1st
Disulfide bridge 2nd
Disulfide bridge 3rd
Amide cyclic (Side chain, end)
Abz/ Tyr (3-NO2),
Asymmetric 4 branches
Asymmetric 8 branches

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